Homes for Sale – QR Codes on all of Our Properties

We are implementing some new technology here at Gateway Realty Wiggins.  The use of QR Codes.  Have you ever driven by a home for sale, stopped to pick up a flyer, only to find out that they have all been taken?  It’s frustrating, we know we’ve been there.  That’s why we are implementing the use of QR Codes for those of you with cell phones that can read them.

It’s as easy as 123, here’s how it works:

  1. Download a QR Code reader app to your phone such as Google Goggles.  It’s free and is available in the Apple and Android Markets.
  2. Activate the App and point your phone’s camera at the QR Code on our for sale sign
  3. The phone will capture the code and show a URL for the listing, simply tap on the URL and you will be taken to a custom page created for that house or property

Try it on QR Code for the listing below:

Our Home Page:

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