Prepare Your Yard for Cooler Weather

As the fall sets in, we are all enjoying cooler temperatures, changing colors of fall leaves, and pumpkin-flavored everything. By now, you’ve probably blown out your sprinklers and are raking falling leaves. But, now can be the best time to prepare your yard for cooler weather and make sure your spring and summer look great.


Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Remember to keep leaves and debris off the lawns to prevent damage
  • Disconnect hoses but keep nearby for fall watering
  • Water about every 3 weeks now through March when there’s been no snow or snow cover
  • Water only when it’s 40 degrees or warmer
  • Plant spring bulbs as soon as you get them and before the ground freezes
  • Protect shrubs with mulch and rose bushes
  • Deadhead any plants as needed
  • Wrap young trees with tree wrap to prevent sunscald

Plant Something Now

Make your yard look great and heighten your curb appeal by planting perennials now. Try these hardy, low-maintenance options:


Peruvian Lily


Flowers of the evergreen hybrids come in shades of purple with dark flecks and last well in bouquets. Alstroemeria aurea blooms come in shades of yellow and orange. The 2-to 3-foot tall plants produce flowering shoots as long as the soil doesn’t get too hot. (Twist the shoot off at the base to keep them coming).



Delicate-looking flowers on ultra-tough plants tolerate just about any soil type. “Mönch” grows to 2 feet-tall and pumps out 2 1/2-inch lavender-blue flowers almost all year if spent ones are removed. “Wonder of Staffa” is another favorite with lavender blue blossoms.


Mango Punch

The low, mounding perennial covers itself in summer with mango-orange flowers that have a red blush. We love the fresh, fruity hue of this new variety. Clip the faded blooms so the flowers will keep coming.



Colorful and super tough, “Ruby Star” from Monrovia nurseries has large pinkish-purple blooms with pronounced coppery centers. The plant grows 2-feet tall; the flowers are 4 inches across. Among the many showy hybrids are “Orange Meadowbrite”, butter-yellow “Sunrise”, and reddish-orange “Sundown”.



White flowers cluster like butterflies atop tall spikes on these airy 2½- to 4-foot-tall plants. Selected forms include “Siskiyou Pink” (to 2 feet tall), with rose-pink flowers and “Whirling Butterflies” (to 3 feet tall), with white flowers.



These garden workhorses thrive in light shade (full sun in cooler climates). They send up slender, wiry stems of tiny bell-shaped, pink or white blooms. But it’s the scalloped or lobed leaves we love most; they come in delicious shades of cool lime, plum, chocolate, and more. Our current crave: “Southern Comfort” from Terra Nova nurseries; its hue is rich and mellow, like its namesake.

As you prepare your yard for cooler weather, you’re not only making your yard look great now, but also making your yard look great for the spring and summer. Take advantage of this time to add to your home’s curb appeal.


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